This means the wines are produced with extreme care, right from the vines to the bottles, so that no imperfections of any kind might affect its quality. Our purpose is to produce wines with the elegance and freshness so very typical of the region where they are produced.

Our Quinta de Naíde Grande Escolha is produced by using a crop of the best grapes, giving rise to a complex, voluminous and persistent wine with a very fresh acidity. The expression of elegance of the variety with the freshness of the fresh acidity of the region is represented in our Quinta de Naíde Loureiro.

In the Quinta de Naíde Whites, the blend of the different varietals offers us a spiced, aromatic wine with a slightly sweeter and fresh taste. In the Quinta de Naíde Rosé we have an extremely elegant wine with aromas of strawberries and red berries.